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Join the 25% Project

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Did you know that young people make up 25 percent of the population in Europe but their voices are not equally heard and their opinions not equally represented in political structures and institutions. It’s time to have all young people on board in shaping our present and future in the Conference on the Future of Europe!

25 Percent project is giving space to youth voices who have not been heard before. Every voice has power, when we know how to use it. Discover how to make yours heard by the people around you, so you can make an impact on the things you want to change, at every level: in your community, your city, region, or even state and European level.

The project aims to collect 15,000 ideas about the future of Europe which will be condensed into clusters and consolidated into a set of 15 proposals by the 150 young participants at the final international event. These proposals will be presented to the Conference on the Future of Europe and other decision-makers.

Share as many ideas as you like here.

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