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Call for Pilot Activities-COVID19

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The European Youth Foundation (EYF) has launched a special call for local or national youth organisations that are looking for funding for activities demonstrating solidarity and support to all persons affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Priority will be given to pilot activities that aim at:

  • Reaching out to and supporting particularly vulnerable groups of people, including homeless, refugees and asylum-seekers, people with disabilities, people living in isolation or in remote communities;
  • Support to health, social and educational services;
  • Education and awareness-raising of the importance of human rights in responses to COVID-19 crisis.

youth organisations are strongly encouraged to co-ordinate their activities with the competent authorities and to indicate this in their project proposal.

Who can apply
International non-governmental youth organisationsinternational networks of youth NGOsregional networks of youth NGOsnational non-governmental youth organisations , from the Council of Europe member states.
Youth organisations can submit applications only if they are registered with the European Youth Foundation.

How to apply
Applicants should mention clearly at the top of their applicationspecial call COVID-19.

The maximum grant allocated is €10 000. 

The next cut-off date will be 22 June 2020 (midnight Strasbourg Time) but COVID-19 related applications may be submitted throughout 2020.
Subsequent cut-off dates will be defined later in 2020, and include June and September, to allow for the processing of applications and decisions on grants.

Read more here.

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