Offre de l'Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes

    Workshop AI in Education

    The European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) is holding a workshop from 29 to 30 June 2023 in Bucharest, Romania.

    The workshop will focus on how to incorporate AI into educational practices, offering participants the opportunity to connect with other international professionals interestest in further advancing the use of AI in education.

    Who can apply
    Professionals from all education sectors, policymaking, workplace learning, and training, EdTech, and the private sector. Participants should have knowledge on the broader topic of AI in education, understand the issues related to AI in education and demonstrate their insights with examples in the application form. 


    How to apply
    Eligible applicants need to be registered members of the European Digital Education Hub and to work in an Erasmus+ programme country.

    The travel costs within Europe will be fully reimbursed, upon presentation of proof of payment.

    Deadline: 30 April 2023.

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