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    WBG Youth Summit Pitch Competition

    The World Bank Group Youth Summit is the largest worldwide annual gathering of youth (18-35 years old) hosted by the WBG to engage participants from around the world on the most pressing topics facing their generation through grassroots local solutions with the potential to make a global impact.  

    The theme of the 2023 Summit, « From the Ground Up: Local Solutions to Drive Global Impact », highlights development solutions that are generated locally, scaled up regionally, and elevated globally. 

    The 2023 World Bank Group Youth Summit will be held both virtually and in person, in Washington DC, on May 25-26th, 2023.

    In line with the 2023 Summit’s theme, submissions from all individuals and/or teams that address at least one of the three pillars of development goals:

    (a) Fragility, conflict, and violence-affected locations;

    (b) Climate change, including energy security and transition;

    (c) Financial security through employment and skill development.

    In addition to these core themes, cross-cutting solutions that address the needs of indigenous peoples, marginalized communities, rural women, and other vulnerable groups facing local challenges are also welcomed.


    Who can apply

    • individuals or teams of up to five people aged 18-35, regardless of prior experience in a particular field or topic;
    • students as well as individuals who are currently working;
    • participants must be willing and able to commit the time necessary to implement their
    • solution after the competition, if it is not already being implemented.


    How to apply

    • Participants need to provide innovative and concrete solutions that showcase the role of the youth in developing local solutions with the potential to make a global impact focused on the three pillars.
    • Submissions will include an application form in addition to a pitch deck; participants can choose to design their own deck or follow the pre-designed pitch competition template.
    • Proposals can be submitted in Arabic, English, French, or Spanish ONLY.


    Deadline: 11 March 2023, 23:59 EST.


    Read more here.