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    European Commission Traineeships

    The Commission organises twice a year in-service training periods lasting five months for university graduates.

    This does not exclude those who, in the framework of lifelong learning – have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career. 

    The training periods start on 1 March and 1 October each year.



    The traineeship programme is open to all EU citizens, regardless of age (a limited number of places are also allocated to non-EU nationals) who:

    • have completed a standard 3-year higher education degree (minimum EQF 6 level), corresponding to a complete Bachelor’s cycle, or equivalent
    • have no prior work experience of any kind, in excess of 6 weeks in any EU institution, body or agency, delegation, with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), or Advocates General at the Court of Justice of the European Union (EUCJ)
    • have a very good knowledge of two EU official languages, one of which must be a working language: English, French or German at C1 or C2 level as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and a second one at B2 level at least as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    • For non-EU nationals, only one procedural language is required at C1 or C2 level.

    Financial support

    Trainees receive a grant of approximately EUR 1.376,89 per month and reimbursement of travel expenses. Accident and health insurance are also provided. Disabled trainees may receive a supplement to their grant.


    How to apply

    • Register on the European Commission Authentication Service (EU Login) to begin your application.
    • Fill in the sign-up form.


    Deadline: 30 August 2024, 10:00 CET (traineeship period March – July 2025).


    Find out more here.