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    Quality Label accreditation

    The Quality Label is a process that certifies that an organisation is able and willing to carry out high quality solidarity activities in compliance with the principles, objectives and quality standards of the European Solidarity Corps. Obtaining a Quality Label is a precondition for participation in Volunteering activities.



    There are two main types of Quality Label, depending on the role(s) that the organisation wishes to play in the process:

    • Host role – covers the full range of activities related to hosting a Solidarity Corps participant, including the development of a programme of the young person’s activities and providing guidance and support to the participant during all the phases as appropriate
    • Support role – entails supporting, preparing and/or training participants before departure, a mediation between them and their host organisations and/or providing support to participants upon return from their activity.
    • Lead role – for organisations who apply for grants, manage and coordinate volunteering projects. This role cannot be awarded independently, organisations must hold a Quality Label for host/support in order to be able to act in a lead capacity. 



    The Quality Label is awarded for the entire duration of the programming period, subject to continued compliance with requirements. The Quality Label remains valid until the end of the last activity in which the organisation is involved as partner, implemented through a grant of the current programming period. The National Agencies will monitor compliance and may carry out periodical reassessments.

    In order to facilitate partner-finding, profiles of all organisations holding a Quality Label are published in a database of Quality Label organisations. 

    Additionally, as soon as the Quality Label has been awarded, organisations have access to the European Solidarity Corps Portal where they are invited to advertise activities for which they are looking for participants.

    Organisations have to make use of the European Solidarity Corps Portal’s database to search for participants. 

    NB: Organisations who are holders of a Quality Label for volunteering will have their Quality Label validity extended for the same role, until 31 December 2027. The Quality Label for lead organisations remains valid until the end of the last grant agreement signed by the beneficiary organisation.

    Who can apply

    • Quality Label – any public or private entity, whether non-profit or profit making, local, regional, national or international, legally established in an EU Member State, a third country associated to the Programme
    • Quality Label for lead organisations – any public or private entity, whether non-profit or profit making, local, regional, national or international that has been legally established in an EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme for at least one year or any international organisation.


    Where to apply

    To the National Agency of the country in which the applicant organisation is established for organisations established in an EU Member State or a third country associated to the Programme.

    International organisations that are not established in a programme country may apply at any National Agency.

    To the relevant SALTO for organisations established in a neighbouring partner country:

    • SALTO South East Europe for organisations established in Western Balkans countries;
    • SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus for organisations established in Eastern Partnership countries, the territory of Russia as recognised by international law and Norway;
    • SALTO EuroMed for organisations established in Southern Mediterranean.



    Applications for Quality Label can be submitted on a continuous basis here.

    For further details, please check the European Solidarity Corps Guide.