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    Online course: Activism Inside Out

    Are you concerned with the current state of affairs of our planet? Do you want to create a fairer and more sustainable world? Do you struggle to keep up with all the events and crises that are happening in the world, and the accelerating pace at which they are unfolding? Do you sometimes feel a sense of hopelessness in the face of the challenges our world is going through? if so, then the European Youth Forum free course is for you!


    The course will help you improve your personal well-being and become a more effective change-maker by:

    • Revealing the stories you hold about yourself, others and the world in your activism,
    • Understanding that these stories are important for the change you want to make,
    • Finding your role in the change process.


    The course is made of 6 sections, each one consisting of introductory content, assignments, questions for reflection and material for further exploration.

    1. Understanding the concepts of stories, personal lenses and bias

    2. Understanding the stories you unconsciously hold about yourself as an activist

    3. Understanding the stories you unconsciously hold about others in your activism

    4. Understanding how the story you hold about the world really matters for your activism

    5. Integrating what you learned into your activism

    6. Join the course forum and get a certificate


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