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    Lifelong Learning Awards

    Launched by the Lifelong Learning Platform, the Lifelong Learning Awards aims to celebrate creative and inclusive practices on lifelong learning and give visibility to innovative practices taking place all over Europe in order to attract public attention as well as inspire new practices and policies.

    The 2023 edition focuses on the topic of “Key Competences for All: a Lifelong Learning Approach to Skills“. It recognises and awards three initiatives in the following categories:

    1. System level: successful practices for transversal competences for learning and resilient societies
    2. Provider level:  embedding transversal competences in formal, non-formal and informal learning environments
    3. Learner level: acquiring necessary transversal competences for active participation through non-formal and informal learning and their validation and recognition.


    – Applicants must be over 18;

    – Applicants must be European citizens or active in one of the EU Member States.

    – The initiative can be a person, an organisation, an entity or project

    – The initiative must take place in education and training;

    – The initiative may target any age group;

    – The initiative may target any area of life and may combine several;

    – The initiative should be based on cooperation (involving civil society organisation, schools, trade unions, companies, universities…);

    – The initiative must not be older than 4 years, counting from its end;

    – The initiative must not have already been awarded by another European Prize.


    Winners will be invited to present their initiatives in Brussels at the European Education Stakeholders Forum on November 27th.

    Deadline: 7 September 2023.

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