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    International Fellowship Programme for Central and Eastern European Foundations and NGOs

    The fellowships aim to strengthen leaders in and boost international cooperation of European foundations and NGOs. The duration is between 3 – 6 weeks and in exceptional cases 8 weeks
    For every programme cycle, approximately 10 to 15 fellows from all European countries are accepted. The programme was initiated and is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation in cooperation with other European and US foundations.
    Selected fellows will work in host institutions abroad, in order to enhance their professional skills and international experience, and gain new insights into the non-profit sector.

    The programme aims:

  • to give foundation and NGO staff the opportunity to develop their professional skills with an international and practical orientation
  • to trigger or deepen contacts and cooperation between non-profit institutions across Europe
  • to support civil society by improving the management competences of their staff

    Candidates for fellowships should have the following criteria:

  • university graduates with at least three years of professional experience
  • candidates should have been working at their home institutions for at least two years and have a future job prospect there
  • young leaders as well as senior managers are welcome to apply
  • work for a home institution and aspire to go to a host institution located in a European country
  • all candidates should speak the working language(s) used in their host institution. There can be exceptions to this rule, if a candidate and the mentor of the host institution have a common language. In addition, some knowledge of English is necessary for the seminars that complement the programme.

    Financial benefits:
    This programme aims to establish a common platform for learning and exchange, a « level playing ground », involving participants from small as well as large institutions. However, size and financial capacity of the sending and host institutions can be extremely diverse, and this needs to be taken into account.
    There are two categories of fellowships:

  • fully funded for candidates from smaller organisations with little resources, mostly but not exclusively in Central and Eastern Europe. The fellow’s travel costs to and from the location of the host institution (also for a preparatory visit) and the venue of the final seminar will be covered, as well as a substantial part of accommodation costs, up to 100%, depending on the location. In addition, there is a contribution towards living costs during the fellowship.
  • partly funded for candidates from financially more resourceful institutions / countries, e.g. from mid-size NGOs or foundations from West European countries. These fellows will receive sufficient funding to cover their travel costs, but not accommodation etc. The concrete amount of this funding cannot be fixed before the selection, since it depends on the size of the group, duration of fellowships of the selected candidates etc.
    There is a uniform participation fee of EUR 150 (EUR 120 for candidates from EFC member organisations) for all fellows.

    Deadline:  The programme will be on hold for 2011. A new call will be launched in 2012.
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