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    EYF Special Call for Ukraine

    The European Youth Foundation (EYF) has launched a special call to fund activities to support young people from Ukraine affected by the war through civil society and youth work interventions, within the framework of the values of the Council of Europe.


    Youth organisations based in one of the signatories to the European Cultural Convention (all CoE member states and Belarus, Holy Sea, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan).

    Organisations should be registered with the EYF.

    The special call includes two types of grants available:



    Activities can include: peer-to-peer learning and support, training and workshops, information and counselling, awareness raising and capacity building for young people, youth workers, and youth leaders, meetings of young people from Ukraine, analysis, research and other actions that are based on the principles and practice of youth work.

    Activities may have a local, regional or national scope, and can also include activities in a local cross-border context. 

    Activities can be implemented in person, online, and in hybrid formats. Projects must have a start date at least 6 weeks after the submission date.


    Financial conditions

    The maximum amount of the grant is € 15,000 for pilot activity and €25 000 for international activities.


    How to apply

    Applications must be submitted via the EYF online system in English or French. The title of the applications should include the text: “Special Call for Ukraine”.



    Projects can be submitted at any time until the funds are exhausted.


    Read more here.