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    Executive Training Programme (ETP) in Korea

    The Executive Training Programme is a European Commission funded programme providing European companies and their executives with a year of high quality business, language and cultural training necessary for success in the Korean market. The Executive Training Programme targets both EU executives and companies with a clear readiness to do business with Korea. With the help of ETP, EU companies will increase their understanding of the specifics of the Korean market and enhance their business prospects there.



    ETP offers 45 week training course:
    Inception module in UK

    A 3-week intensive training course about the culture, history, economy and civil society of Korea, organised by School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.





    Immersion Module in Korea
    A 30-week business management and language training course run by Yonsei University in Seoul.

    A 12-week internship in a Korean company to apply the acquired skills and knowledge in practice.

    ETP minimum requirements for EU executives:
    • Be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union
    • Be employed by a sponsoring company
    • Demonstrate an excellent command of English
    • Have not previously participated in the ETP
    • Either have (a) a university degree of B.A. level + 3 years of professional experience as an executive or (b) 2 years of higher education + 5 years of professional experience as an executive.





    ETP minimum requirements for sponsoring companies:
    • Either (a) have exports or investments in Korea or (b) have plans to develop exports or investments in Korea or (c) provide support to European companies in developing exports or investments to Korea
    • Be EU-based/owned, have the global headquarters located in the EU, have a European identity and produce goods or services of EU origin
    • Employ a minimum of 5 people and have an annual turnover of € 500.000 or more
    • Be committed to contributing towards a part of the living expenses of the participant throughout the programme
    • Be committed to maintaining the employment link with the participant for the duration of the programme





    European Commission’s financial support:
    •  ETP is free of charge for the selected candidates, being an EU fully financed initiative.
    •  European Commission will fund the entire training course of 45 weeks run by internationally recognized universities.
    •  ETP participants will receive a European Commission official scholarship of EUR 24.000 (EUR 2,000 a month)
    •  sponsoring companies are expected to make a complementary contribution to living expenses of ETP participants





    How to apply:
    – Candidates cannot apply independently, they will have to apply together with the EU sponsoring companies they are working for.
    – ETP participants will be chosen by the European Commission among the most suitable candidates who comply with the minimum requirements at the moment of application.
    – Deadline for applications for the next ETP training cycle 2014/2015 was 15 May 2014.
    – Selection results will be communicated by end June 2014.
    – The training cycle will start in November 2014 and will end in November 2015.





    Contact the ETP coordination office for your country for further information or join the Executive Training Programme (ETP ) online info session here on 20th February 2014 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am CET.





     We will keep you informed when a new call is published.