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    EU Delegations' Traineeships

    The European External Action Service (EEAS) is the European Union’s diplomatic service. It helps the EU’s foreign affairs chief, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to carry out the Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy.

    Traineeship opportunities in EU Delegations around the world are offered to students, young graduates and trainee civil servants.


    Who can apply

    • traineeships are offered under four different pillars:
    • funded traineeship for young graduates with less than one year of professional experience
    • unfunded compulsory traineeship for students already residing and studying in the host country
    • traineeship for students of national administration schools of Member States
    • traineeship for trainee civil servants of an administration in a Member State as part of their compulsory professional training
    • depending on a specific pillar, the traineeships are open to EU citizens, citizens from candidate countries that have concluded EU accession negotiations, nationals of the host country
    • for funded traineeships, applicants must have graduated from a university or equivalent higher-education establishment with at least a Bachelor’s level, while for unfunded compulsory traineeships, applicants shall be 3rd, 4th or 5th year students of a University or another higher-education establishment
    • candidates must have the capacity to speak in the working language of the EU Delegation; knowledge of the official language of the host country would be an asset
    • applications will not be accepted from candidates who have already benefited from any kind of training (paid or unpaid) or employment for more than 6 weeks within an EU institution, body, agency or office



    • the duration of a traineeship ranges from 1 month (3 months for trainee civil servants) to 6 months;
    • except for the unfunded student traineeships, the trainees receive at least 25% of the Local Agent Group I salary.


    How to apply

    • please consult the current vacancies and deadlines here;
    • the selection process is managed at Delegation’s level and when publishing a call for expression of interest, Delegations may add specific requirements relevant to the offered position.


    More detailed information about the eligibility criteria and the selection process here.


    Current vacancies are available here.