Offre de l'Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes

    ESA Kids Competition

    Each month, the European Space Agency invites children up to 12 years old to share their space artwork and explore topics such as orbits, planets, astronauts, asteroids, and more.

    This month’s focus is on biodiversity, the variety of life on Earth.

    Celebrate biodiversity by joining this interactive game and engaging with the theme through your creative expression.

    Submit your artwork, whether it be a drawing, painting, model, or mobile creation, showcasing your unique interpretation of biodiversity. Let your imagination run wild!

    The best entries will be featured in the Space Gallery and will receive a special prize from the European Space Agency.

    Stay tuned to the ESA Kids website to discover the monthly winners. 

    Deadline: 30 November 2023.

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