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    EDF Photo Competition

    The European Disability Forum, under the 2023 motto “Breaking Barriers – Stories and voices of women and girls with disabilities” is inviting all EU/EEA citizens or residents from all ages to join the competition and submit one image that breaks down stereotypes and preconceptions surrounding women with disabilities from diverse cultural, background, and/or ethnic contexts.

    The competition is open to all who wish to contribute to portraying the empowerment of women and girls with disabilities around the world. 


    Who can participate

    The competition is open to EU/EEA citizens or residents from all ages and there is no entry fee. 


    How to apply

    Participants must submit:

    • A short description in English including the author’s name, and the city and country where the photo was taken.
    • A signed copy of the Rights Authorization. Two signatures are needed, one from the person who took the picture and one from the person(s) appearing IN the picture
    • One original single high-resolution photo (300dpi) with image description or one original single artistic representation (comics and drawings) with image description telling the story.


    Each participant may submit one entry. Participant should be an individual and not an organisation.



    The three final nominees will receive:

    – 1st place award: 500 euros;

    – 2nd place award: 300 euros;

    – 3rd place award: 200 euros.


    Deadline: 15 December 2023, 23.59 CET.


    Read more here.