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    Call for Young Delegates-Rejuvenating politics

    As part of its “Rejuvenating politics” initiative the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe will invite one young person per member State to come to Strasbourg (France) to take an active part, as a youth delegate, in its 44th (21-23 March) and 45th (24-26 October) sessions to develop their own grass-roots project back home (under the Congress’ aegis).


    The aim is to give young people an opportunity to express their opinions about all the issues being discussed directly to the local and regional elected representatives in order to:
    – involve young people directly in all aspects of the Congress’ work;
    – make young people aware of the Congress’ work and the tools it has developed to support youth participation;
    – discuss with young people how local and regional youth participation can be boosted;
    – bring the youth perspective to all thematic debates within the Congress;
    – motivate the youth delegates to multiply the information and experience acquired during the sessions on their return home in particular through the development and implementation of their own projects at local and regional levels;
    – share information about existing models of youth-led structures and motivate young people to spread the word about the Congress’ work;
    – promote co-operation between members of the Congress and youth delegates;
    – show national delegations the importance of officially including more young people as members.

    The entire youth delegate programme is compulsory, youth delegates who do not take part in one or more of these aspects will be replaced by their national substitute delegate.


    Who can apply
    Youth delegates (in person or remote) should:
    – be open, committed, and motivated to develop and strengthen dialogue between young people and elected representatives at local/regional level;
    – be between 18 and 30 years old; 
    – hold the passport of, and live in one of the 46 council of Europe Member States; 
    – be active in youth work at local and regional levels;
    – be available to engage in the whole of the activity including the preparation of grass-roots projects;
    – have an interest in actively participating in policy making at local and or regional levels but not be an elected representative; 
    – be able to multiply the information obtained during the session on their return home;
    – have good writing and public speaking skills;
    – be committed to working in an intercultural team;
    – not have participated in the initiative previously;
    – speak English fluently.


    How to apply
    Applicants have to make a short video of no more than 30 seconds to support their application.
    The link to the video (title should contain only the applicant’s name and country) should be sent together with the application.


    Financial support
    Selected youth delegates’ travel and subsistence expenses will be covered jointly by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities according to the Council of Europe’s rules.
    Accommodation will be provided and paid for by the organisers, in single-occupancy or shared rooms according to availability. 


    Deadline: 6 January 2023.


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