Offre de l'Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes

    Call for 2 local EYEs

    The European Parliament is providing financial support through grants to two non-profit organisations to organise two local editions of the European Youth Event (local EYEs) in spring 2024. The events will take place over a weekend in two different EU Member States, right before the European elections in June next year. 

    Designed and created by youth organisations and local youth in collaboration with the European Parliament, local EYEs will

    bring Europe closer to young people and empower them to

    become active citizens.

    Local EYEs should

    • be organised under the EYE spirit and branding, and designed to be accessible (for young people who cannot afford travelling to Strasbourg to the central EYE) and inclusive (local EYE in national languages);
    • be stand-alone events;
    • offer a diverse range of activities to attract as many young people as possible. Activities should also co-created together with other youth and civil society organisations as well as public entities at European, national, regional and local level.
    • involve as much as possible cross-border cooperation.

    Activities should include

    • non-formal education activities by young people for young people (political debates, interactive workshops, intercultural trainings, networking);
    • concerts, theatre, dance and acrobatic performances, art and photography exhibitions by young artists;
    • leisure activities (concert, party) for the evenings.


    Expected outcomes

    • promoting democratic values and supporting citizens’ democratic engagement, including but not limited to – elections / voting;
    • fostering the representation and participation of citizens in the European democratic life;
    • encouraging young people to join the community and stay in touch with the European Parliament;
    • promote the youth vote at the next European Elections 6-9 June 2024.

    Project duration

    The local EYEs must take place before the end of May 2024. Follow up actions should take place until the European elections (6-9 June 2024). 

    Who can apply

    Non-profit making organisation, private legal persons constituted and registered as legal entity for at least three years at the time of application, legal persons based in one of the Member States of the European Union, legal persons with no political affiliation.


    The total budget is EUR 220 000 for both projects. The maximum budget per project is expected to be EUR 110 000.

    Deadline: 5 September 2023 (17:00 CET).

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