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    Become a Citizen Juror

    Efforts to undermine European democracy have been underway for some time – and now, democracy needs us. In its current fragile state, fighting for its future is more important than ever. You can do just that, by joining the European Capital of Democracy’s Citizens’ Jury, playing a hands-on role in strengthening Europe’s democratic future!

    Each year, a different city will be designated as the European Capital of Democracy annually by a diverse jury of 10,000 European citizens.

    22 cities all around Europe have already applied to compete for the title of European Capital of Democracy, with the winner set to host international events and become a center for democratic education and innovation, attracting an international audience. The city will be designated in January 2024.

    By joining a community of democracy defenders, you can make your voice heard, promote your cause, and select the very first European Capital of Democracy.

    As a Citizens’ Juror, you can make

    • a monumental impact by (actively) participating for up to 3 hours per month, as you get access to selecting the European Capital of Democracy once a year,
    • give your opinions through monthly surveys, and
    • acquire new skills in (free) online-trainings.


    Deadline to apply: 16 December 2023.


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