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Paris Peace Forum Call for Projects

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The Paris Peace Forum is an international event on global governance issues and multilateralism, held annually on 11-12 November in Paris, France.
The Forum will gather heads of state, international organisations, and actors from civil society and private sector from around the world to advance concrete global governance solutions on 6 main themes:


  • Peace and security
  • Development
  • Environment
  • New technologies
  • Inclusive economy
  • Culture and education.

The Forum will support concrete projects that are either normative (instruments of law, standards and good practices) or capacity-building (new mechanisms, institutions and solutions) and bring innovative solutions to tackle global challenges.

For its fifth edition, the Forum will showcase 60 projects tackling exclusively on one of the following themes:

  • Involving civil society in conflict resolution
  • Protecting civilians in times of war
  • Considering the social effects of the fight against climate change
  • Protecting the rights of indigenous people
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for economic development in the Global South
  • Curbing harmful content online
  • Fighting against art trafficking and protecting cultural heritage in armed conflicts
  • Making the digital economy work for women’s economic empowerment
  • Developing feminist foreign policies
  • Protecting the Earth’s orbital environment
  • Measuring the non-financial impact of companies
  • Preparing for pandemics: strengthening surveillance and rapid response within health systems

Who can submit a project
All key actors of global governance: states, international organisations, NGOs, companies, foundations, philanthropic organizations, development agencies, religious groups, trade unions, think tanks, universities, and more.

Projects should

  • be presented by an organisation;
  • be managed by at least two persons, who can come to Paris to present the project;
  • be related to one of the priority themes;
  • have reached a certain level of advancement;
  • involve Involve concrete, tangible, and distinct action;
  • have an international dimension, or at least if local or national involve actors or resources from other countries;
  • should be submitted in English or French.

The selected projects or initiatives will be invited to the Space for Solutions at the Paris Peace Forum and will receive the Paris Peace Forum 2022 label.
The ten most relevant and promising governance projects will be selected for customized support through the SCUP programme.   

Deadline to submit projects: 27 May 2022, 23:59 CEST.

Find out more here.

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