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YouthLead Training

YouthLead is inviting all youth changemakers and creative problem solvers to participate in a free training programme « Empowering Youth Ambassadors in the Fight Against Online Mis- and Disinformation ».


A training programme for young people who wish to learn skills concerning digital verification, networking and community building to stop online hate speech, identification of deep-fakes and other emerging media, discussions related to content moderation and take-downs, data detoxing for reducing the mis- and disinformation that the algorithms send you, etc.


March 2022. During the week, participants will be given a few reading materials and exercises to complete on their own time. On weekends there will be live workshops where everyone comes together to meet with expert trainers online (max. 3 hours per day). 


The course will be entirely online. Participants can tune in from anywhere.

Who can apply
Young leaders (aged 15-18) who are passionate about improving the online ecosystem and the offline societies.
No prior experience in digital literacy is needed just an interest in improving the way mis- and disinformation is understood and handled.


How to apply

Applicants need to submit a 2-minute video of themselves explaining

  • Why they are interested in the topic
  • How online mis- and disinformation affected them or someone they know
  • How they plan to apply what they’ve learned from this programme in their community or group of friends.


Deadline to apply: 10 January 2022.

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