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University on Youth and Development

The University on Youth and Development (UYD) is a space for meeting, training and action planning, gathering for one-week hundreds of young people, youth workers, experts from the field and decision-makers responsible for youth-related policies.
The 20th edition will take place from 15th to 22nd September 2019 in CEULAJ,
Mollina (Spain) and will focus on “Youth and Justice”.
The UYD is a partnership between the Spanish Government (INJUVE), the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Spanish Youth Council (CJE) and other international youth-led organisations and youth-serving organisations.

It is based on the bottom-up approach for the development of the youth agenda and aims at involving all the actors of the quadrilogue (representatives of the governments, parliaments, regional and local authorities and civil society).


The objectives are

  • to promote youth work development and youth participation as well as political mainstreaming of the youth-related issues and youth policy development;
  • to encourage the participation of young people in decision and policy-making by promoting their involvement and interaction in quadrilogue initiatives;
  • to provide training and capacity building for young people and youth organisations;
  • to foster youth cooperation and global youth work;
  • to promote human rights, intercultural dialogue and democratic citizenship as essential dimensions of global education.

The UYD 2019 will take place from the 15th (arrivals day) to the 22nd (departures day) September 2019.
During this week different organisations have the possibility to develop their own activities (training, workshop, seminars etc.) within a common pedagogical framework: the Joint Programme.


Proposal for activities
Organisations can apply with one or more activities.
The activities have to have the same length of the University: 6 days (from the 16 to the 21 September 2019), having the 15 and the 22 September 2019 as travel days.
It is possible to accommodate longer activities (one extra day) as long as they align with the starting day of the University.
It is possible to accommodate shorter activities: they have to be three day long, having as arrival day the 15 September and as departure day the 19 September 2019.


Main Criteria for the activities

– to be organised by youth-led/youth-serving organisations or other entities having young people as target group;
– to meet at least two of the main objectives of the University as stated in the present call for activities;
– to be connected and constitute a relevant contribution to the Umbrella theme 2018-2020 of the Network on Youth and Global Citizenship or to the annual focus “Youth and Justice” as developed in the Concept Note;
– to have a global or regional scope either in terms of the participants or contents;
– to seek gender balance and the inclusion of vulnerable groups in the composition of the group of participants;
– to be aligned with the North-South Centre’s Global Education Guidelines, with the Reference framework of competences for democratic culture and with the Council of Europe’s Recommendation on Education for Global Interdependence and Solidarity.

The selection results will be communicated by the 11 April 2019.


The selected organisations are expected to
– participate at the UYD preparatory meeting that will take place on the 9 and 10 July 2019 in Mollina;
– attend the online meetings with all the relevant stakeholders;
– contribute to the joint programme: propose and mobilise guest and experts, connect with the Joint Team, organise side event/activities;
– participate with trainers and staff members at the on-arrival coordination meeting that will take place on-spot on the 14th September 2019;
– participate at the final evaluation meeting, compile the final report and guarantee the filling of the final evaluation form by all the people involved in their UYD activity;
– contribute to the overall coordination of the event (financially, in kind or with human resources) in accordance to their capacity.


Financial Provisions

Each organisation is responsible for covering the expenses related to the travel and airport transfers of its own group, staff and participants.
To facilitate the transfers to and from Malaga airport-CEULAJ, the North-South Centre will identify a company that will provide this service for all the organisations.
Similarly, each organisation has to cover the expenses related to board and lodging in CEULAJ. The North-South Centre has already stipulated a favorable price with CEULAJ: 30 euro pers./night (all inclusive).


Deadline to submit proposals: 30th March 2019.


Further information please read the concept note and the call for activities.