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Seminar on Roma Youth - COE

Organised by the Council of Europe, the seminar will be devoted to reviewing the Results of the Roma Youth Action Plan (2016-­2019) in relation to Roma youth participation and identify future priorities for the youth sector regarding Roma youth participation and combating antigypsyism. It will take place from 24 to 26 September 2019 in Strasbourg.

The Seminar will bring together stakeholders, experts and multipliers of the RYAP including Roma youth organisations and networks as well as the members of the Informal Contact Group of the Roma Youth Action Plan, governmental institutions reached by the RYAP activities, young people and organisations involved in the RYAP at the national and local levels, representatives of national youth councils, trainers and Roma youth leaders.


The objectives of the seminar are:
1. To discuss and share experiences from the RYAP in relation to youth participation and double mainstreaming of Roma youth issues;
2. To explore the extent of which the main objectives of the RYAP project have been achieved and lessons learned at national and European level;
3. To share successful examples of the work on youth participation and double mainstreaming particularly at the European and national level;
4. To review current needs and expectations regarding Roma young people and their translation in the policies and programmes of the Council of Europe regarding youth and Roma and Travellers.


Who can apply
Stakeholders, experts and multipliers of the RYAP who:
– have experience of the Council of Europe’s work in the field of youth and of Roma inclusion,
– are nominated and supported by a partner or stakeholder of the Roma Youth Action Plan (Roma youth organisations and networks, governmental institutions, national or local, reached by the RYAP activities, young people or youth leaders from organisations involved in the RYAP at the national and local levels, representatives of National Youth Councils and International Youth Organisations working with young Roma, trainers and other multipliers involved in RYAP);
– are able to work in English;
– are resident in a state signatory of the European Cultural Convention (in exceptional cases some participants from other countries may also be invited);
– are supported by the youth organisation within which they can act as facilitators;
– are committed and available to attend and contribute for the full duration of the seminar, including the preparatory and follow-up phases.

Travel expenses and visa fees for the seminar in Strasbourg are covered by the Council of Europe.
Board and lodging will be provided and paid for by the Council of Europe at the European Youth Centre Strasbourg.
English will be the working language of the seminar.


Deadline to apply: 26 August 2019.


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