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Seeds for Integration Grants

In the framework of the “Seeds for Integration” project, the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU) has launched the Seeds for Integration Grants.
The aim is to provide seed-funding to secondary school students  on local, regional or national level to empower them to implement initiatives aimed at enhancing the integration of refugee students and pupils with migration background.

The objectives are to:
– engage all students, regardless of their origins, into a debate over the situation of refugee and migrant children in Europe in the context of education, and to forge a dialogue between schools on a local, regional and national level about the above topic; 
– foster and support initiatives of school students that are empowering their peers with migration background to share with the school community their experiences and the challenges they face in the field of education, thus raising awareness to the issues refugeeand migrant pupils might encounter during their everyday life.
– build closer ties between the communities’ migrant students are coming from and the school community.

Depending on what is the plan and level of activity, it is possible to apply for a Seeds for Integration grant under three possible pillars:

Pillar 1 – Up to 1000 or 4000 Euros will be granted to:
– grass-root initiatives of secondary school students;
– student unions active on local, regional or national level having a creative idea about how to support the integration of pupils and students with refugee and migrant background. The amount is assigned according to the size of the union and project idea.

Eligible applicants
– secondary school students studying in a European country;
– their team has to have at least 3 members, all secondary school students. The person who will be communicating with OBESSU must have at least medium level English language knowledge;
– the applicant should have a bank account for payment in Euros (student union bank account or a bank account of another organisation that will support the team in administration);
– the initiative has to be finished until the end of 2019.

Specific eligibility criteria per grant scale:
Small scale grants
– all members of the team should attend the same secondary level school or the proposed initiative has to be a collaborative activity between 2 or more schools;
– the initiative has to have a local or regional impact.

Large scale grants
– the application has to be submitted by an OBESSU Member, Candidate or Affiliate Organisation;
– the initiative has to be implemented on a national level.

Deadline: applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Project proposals will be evaluated throughout the year. 


Pillar 2 – Up to 7500 Euros granted to:
– OBESSU Member;
– Candidate organisation;
– Affiliate organisation
interested  to promote the « Seeds for Integration » project so that even students living in rural areas and small towns know what is the project about and use the opportunities offered.
National school student unions applying for this pillar, will have to implement a so-called Inclusion Work Package (IWP) with the objective of promoting the project on a national level and contributing to increase the quality of the applications.

– organise at least one big or several smaller events for a total of 100 students promoting “Seeds for Integration” project;
– empower students interested in applying for funding, by assisting them during the process;
– make sure that all the documentation (promotional materials, Call for applications, Application form guideline, Application form) is accessible to each student.

Eligible applicants
– Any OBESSU Member, Candidate or Affiliate Organisation which representative person, in charge of communicating with OBESSU, has at least medium level English language knowledge (level B1/B2).

Deadline: 20 January 2019, 23:59 CET.


Pillar 3 – Up to 10.000 Euros granted to:
– Secondary school student organisation (formal or non-formal / working on local, regional or national level);
– partnership projects between secondary school and university students implying cooperation between ESU and OBESSU organisations
– interested to improve the position of refugee and migrant students in their country.

– doing a research about the inclusivity of learning environment;
– organising a campaign in order to increase the number of students with refugee/migrant background;
– bringing together students from host communities and those with refugee and migrant background through different sports events;
– organising an art-exhibition in order to present the realities of refugee and migrant communities;
– preparing music/food festival for the local community

Deadline: 20 January 2019, 23:59 CET.

For further support please contact the Programme Coordinator, Milos at


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