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Salto - Youth Training Courses

SALTO-Youth stands for Support and Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the Youth in Action programme. The aim is to enhance the quality of projects within the Youth in Action programme through the organisation of specialised training courses and the co-ordination of different training courses within the network of the NA.



SALTO-YOUTH centres organise the trainings and are resource centres for the network of National Agencies and Euro-Med National Co-ordinators. 
SALTO France focusses on Euro-Med Co-operation
SALTO UK on Cultural Diversity
SALTO Belgium on Social Inclusion
                          and Youth Initiatives
SALTO Germany on Training and Co-operation
SALTO Poland on Eastern Europe and Caucasus
SALTO Slovenia on South-East Europe
SALTO Sweden/Hungary on Information





SALTO-YOUTH centres publish training courses at the end of the current year or in the beginning of the new year. Each training course has individual descriptions, criteria, deadlines and application forms.
The Training Courses and Seminars organised by the different SALTO Resource Centres can be found on this web site:





You should send your application to your National agency of the Youth in Action programme, which makes the first selection of the candidates and then sends the selected candidates to the respective SALTO-YOUTH centre. Candidates from the Partner countries (former third countries) need to send their application forms to the respective SALTO-YOUTH centre, which is responsible for strengthening the co-operation between their countries and Programme countries within the Youth in Action programme.





SALTO also offers the European Training Calendar, where you can find trainings within the Youth in Action Programme as well as other training activities in the field of youth and non-formal education in Europe: