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MOOC on Essentials of Youth Work

The MOOC aims at making youth work known to a wide audience and draw attention to its social value while providing an overview of youth work practices and policies across Europe. It will also present current developments in this field at European and national levels.


Participants will:

  • become more familiar with the “basics” of youth work (concepts and definitions, forms, practices, approaches, objectives, actors at European and national levels)
  • gain an overview of how youth work is supported (through policies and strategies, youth work research, education of youth workers, funding, etc.)
  • get inspired by the diverse good practices existing in Europe on different aspects of youth work
  • reflect on the future of youth work in Europe and on how to engage in youth work developments.


The course is open and free for anyone interested:

  • Students involved in youth work studies or learners involved in non-formal education processes related to youth work
  • Volunteer or paid youth workers
  • Youth work managers
  • Responsible persons for planning youth work at municipal level
  • Youth organisations and other youth platforms
  • Those involved in youth work policy making or in funding youth work
  • Youth workers’ education providers
  • Researchers
  • Other persons interested in exploring the subject.


The course is organised by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership.


Participants need to register here.

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