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JM Jazz World Orchestra

The JM Jazz World Orchestra is a project launched by Jeunesses Musicales International giving the opportunity to young musicians from all around the world to take part in training sessions, workshops and finally in a concert tour as a member of the JM Jazz Orchestra.


The session will be in summer 2023. JM Jazz World sessions begin with a week of rehearsals, followed by a 7-10 day concert/festival tour.

The project will be under the artistic leadership of Luis Bonilla (USA), a California raised, Costa Rican trombonist, composer and arranger.

The programme is open to musicians between the ages of 18 and 26 playing: saxophone, trombone, trumpet, horn, tuba, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano and vocals and if you improvise, all other instruments are welcome. It is essential that. they read sheet music, but the most important thing is their love for jazz!

How to apply

Participants should complete the application form, attaching the following documents:

– a full CV with information about faculty of music, academy and school of music, and experience acquired as a jazz musician;

– a written recommendation from a music teacher professor or similar;

– a signed statement from either your parents, yourself, university, school or a JMI National Member or Associate Section, stating that their travel costs to and from the tour will be covered; 

– links to videos with them performing at least 2 different pieces: a theme and an improvisation. The candidates need to be clearly heard, with an important soloist part;

– a copy of their passport.



Deadline: 8 April 2023, 23:59 CEST.


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