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Jan Amos Comenius Prize

The Jan Amos Comenius Prize for high quality teaching about the European Union rewards secondary schools that help their pupils learn about the European Union in ways that inspire.

The prize aims to encourage, reward and provide recognition and visibility to the work of secondary schools that:

  • Help their students, in ways that inspire, to gain substantial knowledge and understanding of the European Union: its history; its fundamental values and aims; its actions and policies; the functioning of its institutions and its decision-making processes;
  • Invite their students to reflect critically about Europe’s past, present and future as well as the benefits and challenges of the European Union;
  • Enhance the pupils’ motivation to participate in the democratic processes that shape the future of the European Union and their attachment to its fundamental values.

Who can apply
All types of secondary schools established and based in the EU. The prize is for schools, not for individual teachers.
Each secondary school can only submit one single application.
The work/activity with which the school is applying for the Prize must have been implemented either in the school year 2018-2019 or 2019-2020, and in any event prior to the deadline for applications.
Works that are still in preparation/not implemented by the deadline for applications are not eligible.
Works that started being implemented in the course of these two school years and are still ongoing/still being implemented at the time of application are eligible.


There will be up to twenty-eight (28) prizes of €8,000 each, one per EU Member State. 

If the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU before the award decision is taken without an agreement ensuring that UK applicants continue to be eligible, UK secondary schools will cease to be eligible for this prize. In this case, the maximum number of prizes will be 27 (instead of 28) but the amount per prize will remain the same (8,000 EUR).

How to apply
Schools need to submit their application online here.
Schools need to fill the application form and submit one video showing what and how the pupils learn about the European Union at this particular school, their level of engagement and the teaching/learning methods that are used.
The video can be in any of the 24 official languages of the European Union and not exceed 6 minutes.

For further support applicants may send questions to until 31 January 2020.


Deadline: 6 February 2020, 17.00 CET.


Read more here.