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EYF Special Call for Ukraine

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) has launched a special call to fund pilot activities to support young people from Ukraine affected by the war through civil society and youth work interventions, within the framework of the values of the Council of Europe.
Youth organisations in Ukraine or youth organisations in the member states of the Council of Europe working with young people from Ukraine.
Organisations should be registered with the EYF.


The activities must be designed for, support and involve young people from Ukraine affected by the war. Activities could be: peer-to-peer learning and support, training and workshops, information and counselling, awareness raising and capacity building for young people, youth workers, and youth leaders, meetings of young people from Ukraine, analysis, research and other actions that are based on the principles and practice of youth work.
Activities may have a local, regional or national scope, and can also include activities in a local cross-border context. 
Activities can be implemented in person, online, and in hybrid formats.
Projects must have a start date at least 6 weeks after the submission date.
Projects can be submitted at any time during the period from 3 November 2022 to 31 October 2023 or until the funds are exhausted.

A successful project should:

  • be a youth activity prepared, run, and managed by a local, regional or national non-governmental youth organisation and involving young people from Ukraine.
  • be an activity that supports young people from Ukraine affected by the war in their daily life and rights, and to navigate their challenges and access their rights.
  • be an activity related to a local need and that brings an added value to the lives of young people from Ukraine.
  •  follow the basic principles of youth work, in particular the promotion of intercultural dialogue and understanding and the promotion and protection of human rights and democracy.
  • be in line with the values of the Council of Europe and its priorities in the field of youth.


Financial conditions
The maximum amount of the grant is € 15 000 (80% after the signature of the grant agreement and 20% upon receipt and approval by the EYF of the final project reports, due within 2 months following the project end date).
The grant can cover real project costs (accommodation and meals, travel costs, fees for trainers or other experts, interpretation, translation, rental of equipment, rental of venues, communication), and up to 7% of the awarded grant can cover administrative costs (salaries of staff dedicated to the project, office rent, insurance, electricity, water and heating).
The grant cannot be used for purchasing and/or promoting goods or services for humanitarian and/or military-related actions.


How to apply
Youth organisations can submit applications only if they are registered with the EYF.


Deadline: 31 October 2023.


Read more here.