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Eurodyssey Programme

Eurodyssey is a traineeship programme between European Regions. It allows young people aged 18-30 to benefit from a three to seven months paid vocational training course in a foreign business.
The aim of the programme is to allow young people to gain work experience while improving their knowledge of a foreign language.

Language training: the vast majority of Regions have set up a language course on the arrival of the trainees. This can be intensive and take place over three or four weeks before the practical placement in the business or can be spread over a longer period, in parallel with the practical training.

Practical traineeship: during this period carried out in the business, the beneficiary occupies a position defined before the start of the placement. He/she is subject to the timetable and rules of the receiving body.

No special qualifications are required, applications received are matched to the requirements of the businesses. All expenses are paid. Trainees will either receive a grant from the host region or a wage by the firm depending on how the Eurodyssey programme is run in the region concerned. Equally, trainees are covered by the social security system of the host Region.

Target groups are job seekers, young graduates, young people age 18-30. Those eligible to participate must be from an AER region (Assembly of European Regions) which both sends out and undertakes to accept trainees.

Regions taking part in the programme are:

  • Belgium: Bruxelles Capitale, Wallonie;
  • Croatia: Istra, Varazdin, Sibenik-Knin;
  • Cyprus: Union of Cyprus Municipalities;
  • France: Corsica;
  • Georgia: Adjara;
  • Italy: Sardegna, Valle d’Aosta;
  • Portugal: Azores, Madeira;
  • Romania: Hunedoara, Timis;
  • Spain: Catalonia, Murcia, Valencian Community; 
  • Switzerland: Jura.

For traineeships offers and contact details of the Eurodyssée representative in your region look at the Eurodyssée website .