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EU-FRA Roma Programme

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) offers paid internships for a period of ten months to young Roma graduates starting on 1st October 2021.
The Internships scheme aims at providing trainees with work experience in the administration of co-operation in the field of fundamental rights at the European level in order to gain an insight into FRA’s objectives and activities, and to put their learning into practice.

The internships aim to:
– provide interns an understanding of the objectives and activities of the Agency’s role in ensuring full respect for fundamental rights across the EU,
– enable interns to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of FRA Departments and sectors,
– provide the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural, multi linguistic and multi-ethnic environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance,
– promote European integration within the spirit of new governance and through active participation to create awareness of true European citizenship,
– enable interns to put into practice previous knowledge and/or experience,
– allow interns to contribute to the Agency’s mission in helping to make fundamental rights a reality for everyone in the EU.

Eligible applicants
– candidates of Romani background who have completed either a post-secondary education attested by a diploma (e.g. bachelor’s degree or equivalent) or a secondary education attested by a diploma and professional experience of min. two years relevant to the work of the Department they apply for,
– nationals of the Member States of the European Union and EU candidate (Albania, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey) and potential (Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo) candidate countries.
Interns are requested to have a very good knowledge of English and IT skills.


Internships are offered in the following FRA Departments:

Trainees are awarded a monthly grant corresponding to one-quarter of the grade AD5-step1. Trainees with disabilities may receive a supplement to their grant equal to a maximum of 50% of the amount of the grant.

Apply using the FRA Online Application Form

Deadline: 28 May 2021, at 13:00 (CET).

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