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Erasmus in School

Erasmus in School is a platform and search tool connecting young people interested in going abroad and becoming a language assistant with opportunities like internships at schools and summer camps worldwide, teaching their mother tongue or another language they are fluent in.

What is it about

The idea is to give access to global exposure to the upcoming teachers through:

  • Obtaining Teaching experience in the Teaching field through formal and non-formal education.
  • Acquiring new education perspectives by having immersion in a different education system.
  • Increasing young people’s skill set for employment.


Participants from any country with interest in pursuing a career in the education field. 


Having an advanced level lof any of the language required to teach: (English, Spanish, French, German or Mandarin Chinese).

How to apply

Candidates should create a profile here:

How to find a placement

You can see all vacancies here and filter by location:


Always active (please, be aware that each school depending on its national calendar has a different deadline).

More information:

Visit the official Erasmus in School website.