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#SumItUp Competition

The #SumItUp competition invites young people to use their authentic voice to present a one-minute video reflection or unleash their creativity to present a unique visual infographic of what happened in one of the #Youth4ClimateLive Series episodes. 


The series will be formed by 9 episodes each of which looks at climate action through a different angle, whether it be nature-based solutions or youth action, and as such, each episode will have unique key takeaways. Participants will have to pick an episode and #SumItUp in a  unique creation. 


Eligible participants

  • Young people between 15 and 29 yoars old.


How to participate

  • Create a video (max 2 minutes) or infographic that sums up the episode of your choice, among the 9 available ones.
  • Your concept must be original.
  • You need to submit an individual entry through this link and
  • Share your submission on your social media using the hashtag #SumItUp. Make sure to tag @UNYouthEnvoy, @Connect4Climate and @PreCop26ITA



  • The top three submissions will be presented at the Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition Pre-COP event in Milan 2021. 
  • Of the three finalists, one winner will be selected through audience vote to win a trip (including travel and accommodation) to Milan to present their creative sum-up in person at Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition in Milan from September 28 to 30, 2021.


Deadline: 31 March 2021.


Read more here.