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European Youth Capital 2026

The European Youth Forum is launching the ‘European Youth Capital’ (EYC) 2026. This title is assigned to a European city for a period of one year during to empower young people, boost youth participation and strengthen European identity. Each year, a new European city is given the chance to showcase its innovative ideas, projects and activities that aim to raise up young voices and bring a new youth perspective to all aspects of city life. 
The European Youth Capital initiative aims to support both young people and the city to open up these possibilities and lead the way for other European municipalities to follow. 

The European Youth Capital creates a positive impact in many areas:

  • Opens up new opportunities 
  • Brings positive change 
  • Encourages active participation 
  • Promotes volunteering
  • Fosters European identity  
  • Champions diversity and inclusion 
  • Strengthens youth organisations 
  • Boosts Investment in youth 
  • Amplifies ones voice in Europe
  • Turns one into an international meeting point 
  • Connects young people

A city can become a European Youth Capital if it distinguishes itself in a positive way and has an ambitious programme for empowering youth.
Cities are asked to set out their vision to become the European Youth Capital 2026 and how it can empower young people, boost youth participation, and bring change to their city.
The folllowing key elements are essential to any application for the EYC title:

  • Youth Participation
  • Co-decision-making;
  • European Dimension.

The European Youth Forum will host a webinar on 10 January 2026, for cities that are interested to apply for the European Youth Capital 2026 title.


Open to any Local Authority (defined as a municipality or group of municipalities located in a common geographical area) from Member States of the Council of Europe, which are parties to the European Cultural Convention adopted in 1954 in Paris. 
Applicant municipalities together with participating youth structures are invited to present a multi-faceted programme highlighting their approach to youth participation and plans for creating a better environment for young people in their cities.


The city awarded the title will be announced during the Award Ceremony in Lublin (Poland), European Youth Capital 2023, taking place in November 2023.


–  6 February 2023 (23:59 CET), for submission of concept notes.
The application includes a fee of 300 Euros, to be paid before the deadline at the European Youth Forum.

– 5 June 2023 (23:59 CET), for submission of detailed application forms.
The application includes a fee of 700 Euros, to be paid before the deadline at the European Youth Forum.

– 25 September 2023 (23:59 CET), for final application forms. The third application round does not include a fee. 


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