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ALTYO Training Course

The ALTYO course (Online training on Advocacy and Lobbying for Youth Organisations) provides basic information and understanding of the concept of advocacy and lobbying, particularly in the context of the dialogue between civil society organisations (CSO) and the governmental sector. The course gives an understanding of advocacy and lobbying as instruments that can be successfully used by CSOs in the process of making institutionalised and legal changes on local, regional and national levels. 


The course aims

  • To provide basic knowledge and understanding of advocacy and lobbying concepts;
  • To create a basis of fundamental skills in advocacy;
  • To comprehend the nature and purpose of advocacy and lobbying activities as crucial aspect of involvement of the non-profit/civil sector in the decision-making processes on societal level;
  • To share and learn about good practice examples in the field of advocacy and lobbying.

The training consists of three thematic areas. Based on the trainers’ experience, practical examples are shared with regards to European practices in advocacy and lobbying. A written assignment completes the course to provide further reflection.


Profile of participants:

  • Represent youth information services/networks;
  • Commit to completing the whole course in the scheduled time frame;
  • Have experience in youth (information) work;
  • Have a need for advocacy and lobbying skills;
  • Possess the language skills to complete the course in English.
The 5-week course will start on 3 October 2022 and will be available via the DOYIT eLearning platform.


Deadline to register: 16 September 2022, 23:59 CEST.


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