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Access City Award 2023

Launched by the European Commission, the Access City Award recognises and celebrates a city’s willingness, ability and efforts to become more accessible, in order to: 
– guarantee equal access to fundamental rights;
– improve the quality of life of its population and ensure that everybody, regardless of age, mobility or ability, has equal access to all the resources and pleasures cities have to offer.


Who can apply
The Award is open to all EU cities of over 50 000 inhabitants and to urban areas composed of two or more towns with a combined population of over 50,000 inhabitants.
The submitting body must be a government authority in one of the EU Member States.

The juries will consider measures taken and planned in the following areas:

  • built environment and public spaces
  • transport and related infrastructure
  • information and communication, including new technologies (ICTs)
  • public facilities and services.


The European Commission will award a monetary prize to each of the first winners and the two runners-up as follows:

  • 1st prize: €150 000 (winner of the title of Accessible City 2023) 
  • 2nd prize: €120 000 (winner of the second place)
  • 3rd prize: €80 000 (winner of the third place).


How to apply:
Entrants should fill the application form, in addition they are also invited to upload, or provide links, to up to five documents supporting and illustrating the strong points of their application.

The winners of the European Access City Award 2023 will officially be announced at the Award Ceremony on 24-25 November 2022.


Deadline: 8 September 2022, 23:59 CET.


Find out more here.