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Sports and health go hand in hand. Decreasing physical activity is one of the biggest risk factors for
health, and every individual can do a lot for their well-being by spending their free time actively.
Therefore, we invite everyone between the ages of 15 and 29 to participate in Europe’s largest
international sports camp in Brežice, Slovenia,
the HEPA camp, aimed at strengthening health by
promoting physical activities, which we will achieve by implementing innovative forms of sports
, such as innovative swimming training with self-help elements; strength, endurance and
body control through the Escape Game method; stand-up paddling in inland rivers; smart heating;
innovative forms of handball.

The international sports camps will last from Monday to Friday, the participants will be accommodated
in MC Hostel Brežice, and meals will be provided. Participation is free. You don’t have to be an athlete
or actively train to participate in the camps.

Available dates of international sports camps:

  • 3. 7.–7. 7. 2023 (applications until Monday, 26. 6. 2023)
    1. 7.–21. 7. 2023 (applications until Monday, 10. 7. 2023)
    1. 8.–25. 8. 2023 (applications until Monday, 14. 8. 2023)

  • If you are not quite sure whether you want to participate in the camp, but if you are interested in the
    listed activities and content, you can take a closer look at the ZPTM Brežice Welcome to Summer
    event, which will take place on June 24, 2023.
    The number of places is limited, so hurry up with your registration and reservation date! Applications are possible up to one week before the start of camp itself.
    You can get more information at: or +386 5 05 90 858 99.
    The activities are carried out within the project Hand in Hand. The project is financed by the European
    Commission (Erasmus + Sport for greater involvement of young people in sports).
    A healthy and sporty greeting!
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