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European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg …

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The European Parliament stands for democracy. We help connect it to people.  

This entails providing complete and impartial information to citizens and media about the European Parliament, and assisting Members in their communication activities. 

The Directorate-General for Communication (DG COMM) strives to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time and in doing so, deliver world-class communication. We are committed communication professionals coming from various professional and academic backgrounds.

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Luxembourg is DG COMM’s front line in Luxembourg. The Office connects to citizens across the country, engaging with their concerns, understanding their cultures and speaking their languages, in order to make that vital connection between the European Parliament and the diverse local realities it represents. 

The Office is playing a crucial role in spreading the knowledge of what the European Parliament is working on and has achieved, as well as engaging with citizens and various stakeholders. If you are passionate and enthusiastic about Europe, come and apply for a traineeship possibility in the Office.


  • Management of social media accounts;
  • Production of digital contents;
  • Support in event organisation, participation in communication activities, research;
  • Explain Parliament to visitor groups;
  • Drafting of reports on activities and political developments.


  • Strong communication/PR background, including online media and audio-visual;
  • Proficient in French and German; English and/or Luxembourgish would be an asset;
  • Hands-on, flexible and well organised.

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