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Youth Dialogue: Call for European Youth Organisations & Networks

Do you want to improve the lives of young people in Europe? Does your non-governmental European youth organisation or network have ideas and expertise on topics connected to the future of work, youth work and youth in rural areas to share with decision-makers?
Are you committed to consulting with and running activities with other young people on a European scale to get your and their voices heard? 
The European Youth Forum has launched a call for non-governmental European youth organisations and networks to join the EU Youth Dialogue


The EU Youth Dialogue is an EU participatory process enabling young people to engage with decision-makers on a given topic by bringing their ideas and proposals to youth policy related topics in the EU. 
The EU Youth Dialogue supports the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and is a successor of the Structured Dialogue with young people. 
It involves consultations and dialogue activities across Europe delivered by the National Working Groups that relate to youth organisations and young people in their countries. European youth organisations and networks are invited to join the EU Youth Dialogue through this call to add an additional European perspective.

The EU Youth Dialogue is organised in 18-month Cycles, following the framework of the Trio Presidency of the EU in the youth field. 
The current Cycle is running from January 2019 and will finish by June 2020, covering the Romanian, Finnish and Croatian Presidencies. 

In line with the Council Work Plan for the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2020, the topic for this Cycle is “Creating Opportunities for Youth” with three sub-themes: 
– Youth and the future of work;
– Youth Work, focusing on education and training of youth workers (paid / voluntary);
– Youth in Rural areas.

The EU Youth Conference in Bucharest (The first out of three EU Youth Conferences of the Cycle).
The first EU Youth Conference organised by the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (RO PRES) will take place in Bucharest from 25th to 28th of March 2019. 
The European Youth Forum will select 10 participants from the selected European organisations and networks who will follow the entire Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue. 
The selection will be done based on the expertise of the organisation and the nominated representatives. 
If your organisation is interested to begin this journey with attending the EU Youth Conference, please indicate it below under the selection questions. 
The travel and accommodation costs, as well as the meals for the duration of the conference for selected participants will be covered by the organisers. 

The EU Youth Conference in Bucharest will focus on: 

• Addressing and discussing with decision-makers challenges of young people related to future of work and youth policies.
• Testing best approaches and practices of the implementation and running of the EU Youth Dialogue activities.
• Putting in practice the Youth Goal on “quality employment for all”:


Eligible organisations
In order for their application to be considered, the organisation applying must: 
– be a non-governmental youth organisation or network working at the European level (having member organisations from minimum 6 EU Member States);
– commit to the entire process from the moment of selection (March 2019) to the end of June 2020;
– have knowledge and expertise on the given topic, thanks to projects or past activities carried on the topic;
– be motivated to contribute to joint policy discussions of young people and policy-makers;
– be able to support the nominated representative through the duration of the entire process, in order to carry out discussions and consultations with young people. 

One representative from applying organisation should be nominated to participate in the process. They should:
– be between 18 and 30 years old;
– have a good command of the English language.
– have very good expertise in one or multiple of the given topics of youth work, future of work and youth in rural areas under the headline “Creating Opportunities for Youth”.
– be committed to contributing to the process by running consultations, providing expertise and be open to representing the views gathered at the EU Youth Conference. The consultation process and activities will be concentrated in the time period between the end of April 2019 until end of October 2019. 
– be committed to contributing to and compile a report together with other participating European organisations and networks, reflecting the views of young people participating in the consultation process (end October – November 2019). 
– be ready to participate in events and online meetings with other organisations, the European Youth Forum and other involved actors (maximum once a month online). 


How organisations will be contributing
1. Selected organisations will be invited to organise consultations and discussions with young people to add a European perspective to the numerous youth voices that would collectively feed into the policy-making processes;
2. Furthermore, the Trio Presidency will be encouraged to associate organisations to further consideration of their inputs including at the occasion of the EU Youth Conferences that they will organise, insofar as is relevant in relation to the topic and your expertise. 
3. Lastly, organisations will be not only contributing to the dialogue and consultations with young people, but also will share their perspectives on follow up on the implementation of Youth Goals and the EU Youth Dialogue at large. 


Deadline to apply: 10th March 2019.


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