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Online course for youth workers focusing on a systemic approach to competence development in youth work. The course is free and open to everyone and offers inspiring lectures, animated videos, method demonstrations, practical tasks and development tools.

The course is open to youth workers worldwide willing to explore the ways for competence-based development. 


Participants will:

  • Zoom out and see their youth work context as a living system. 
  • Explore what they are for their youth work system. 
  • Learn what competence development from a systemic point of view is. 
  • Discover what role the ETS competence model can play in their context.
  • Try out a systemic self-assessment and plan their development. 


Course module and opening dates

  • 15th January: 1. Introduction module and 2. Systems and Systemic View 
  • 25th January: 3. The Role of Youth Work in My System 
  • 1st February: 4. ETS Model and My Youth Work System
  • 8th February 5. Transfer, transformation and moving forward and 6. Evaluation and Youthpass.


Deadline to register:  25 January 2021, 23/59 CET.


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