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Travel Grants

The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe believes that European diversity can best be understood by being experienced. Travel scholarships are therefore aimed at enabling young Europeans to discover and explore their continent. During their travels, fellows deal with current political and social issues and become ambassadors of a united Europe.

Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is awarding travel grants to young people between 18 and 27 years of age and who live in one of the 47 Council of Europe member states. 
The grant should enable young people to explore Europe and personally document it. The trip needs to address a specific topic or question research.

All sponsored trips should not start before May 1st, 2019 and be completed by December 30th, 2019.
Trips should be between three and six weeks long. If you are enrolled in a vocational training, a trip of two weeks is also acceptable.


What travel grants can you apply for?
There are two travel grants you can choose from. All of them seek to foster European youth mobility. However, there are some differences in regards to thematic focus as well as some additional requirements and applicants’ profiles.

“What connects Europe?” – travelling with the Interrail-Global Pass (Deutsche Bahn)
In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards 35 Interrail-Global Passes in total, enabling you to travel up to 31 countries in Europe, including Turkey, for up to one month.
This travel grant focuses on “What connects Europe?” and worths 379€.
Applicants need to have permanent residency in an EU member state, Russia, or Turkey and be between the ages of 18 and 27.
Travellers do independent research on this topic by applying their own focus and document their findings on video.
Applicants can choose between a 2-month, 15 day-travelling pass or a 1-month, 7-day travelling pass. 
The trip itself should take place between 1st June and 30th November.
No later than three months after the journey the travel grantee is required to submit a report of the journey and the research in form of a vlog.
The report needs to include an explanation of how the research topic was addressed, the concrete findings and as personal reflections on the experiences.


Travel grants on the topic “Future of Europe” (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA)
In cooperation with the Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA), the Schwarzkopf Foundation awards travel grants worth 600€ to research relevant trends and future developments in Europe.
With their travel grants, the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe and the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) want to give young people the opportunity to travel and explore Europe.
The travel grant amounts to 600 € (six hundred euros).
• The grantee will be paid 450 € at the beginning of the journey and 150 € after presenting the report.
• Travels should be planned to other EU member state countries.
Applicants should be between 18 and 27 years old and hold permanent residence in one of the 28 EU member states.
The trip should include a project related to one of these two questions:
• Labour mobility in the EU – Importance of cross-border work for employees and companies
• Chances of digitalization for economy and working world
The applicant should plan and carry out the trip independently. The trip should last a minimum of three and a maximum of six weeks.
In case travellers are enrolled in vocational training, the trip can in some circumstances be shortened to two weeks.
No later than two months after the journey, travellers are requested to submit a report of the journey and the research, either in the form of a photo story with background information, a blog series, a vlog, or a written report.
The report needs to include an explanation of how the research topic was addressed, the concrete findings and grantees reflection on the experiences and impressions from the trip.


Deadline: 1st May 2019, 23:59 CET.


Due to the Corona (COVID-19) virus and limited travel opportunities, there will be no travel grants granted in 2020.

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