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GIF Me Your Best competition

GIF Me Your Best is the European Elections GIF Competition which aims to collect as many creative perspectives as possible on why Europe and the European Union is worth a vote. It invites European graphic designers, animators, typographers, illustrators, photographers and artists who are living in the European Union to take a stand and use the transnational language of design to create a GIF.


Who can apply

  • graphic designers, animators, typographers, illustrators, photographers, artists and beyond, living in one of the EU Member States
  • participants should be of legal age.



  • jury made up of designers and communication experts from all over Europe will be appointed to award the three best GIFs;
  • the three winners will be invited for one day to Strasbourg, France, in July to attend the first session of the newly elected European Parliament;
  • all GIFs submitted to the competition will be shared and promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Giphy.


How to apply

  • submit your GIF online;
  • the submitted GIFs should be from a person, not from agencies or other companies;
  • each participant can upload a maximum of three GIFs;
  • the GIF must not be longer than 10 seconds;
  • the GIF must have no sound;
  • the GIFs may not contain brand logos or any reference to the author or owner of the rights;
  • the GIFs generally may not contain special messages from particular political parties, groups or candidates;
  • don’t send GIF stickers.


Deadline: 24th May 2019.


The competition is a private non-profit initiative of Robert Eysoldt. It is supported by the European Union, DG COMM.


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