Video Impact – Cyprus

The Plot

  • #1 Training Course // 9-18 September2019
    • Get acquainted with media literacy
    • Receive practical skills in filmmaking in all stages (pre-production, production post production)
    • Explore ways to promote and disseminate videos online
    • Adapt Media Literacy to own methods working with your target groups
    • Create a promotional video for a Cyprus based not-for-profit initiative
    • Create your action plans for the Local Action Phase.
  • #2 Local Action Phase // Sep – November 2019, each partner country
    • Come back to your local organisations and put in action the gained knowledge and tools by creating a promotional video for your organisation/initiative, practicing and improving their video creation skills.
    • Disseminate the knowledge acting as multiplier and share the skills acquired during the Training Course by delivering media literacy workshops for youth in your organisations during the Local Action Phase.

The Actors

  • Youth worker and/or staff member of non profit initiatives, interested on how to incorporate new technologies and namely video production in your work
  • Eager to learn or develop further your skills in video making Committed to create 2 social promotional videos (one in Cyprus and one in your local environment)
  • Ready to participate in an intercultural environment and eager to challenge yourself in working on a high speed training course full of practical assignments
  • Resident of Bulgaria Spain Italy Greece Lithuania Latvia Romania United Kingdom Netherlands and Cyprus
  • Able to work and communicate in English
  • Over 18 years old

The Story

  • DAY 1, 2, 3: Getting media literacy skills and tools and practice them instantly through media assignments.
  • DAY 4: Putting in practice media skills, creating the first social promotional video
  • DAY 5, 6, 7: Scout, investigate needs and return to film the initiative. Edit the video
  • DAY 8: Plan the local action phase. End of the training.


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