The Good Lobby Awards 2018

The Good Lobby Awards recognize the most successful citizen-driven projects and advocacy collaborations between citizens, companies, civil society organizations, political representatives, academics and foundations.

The Awards will concern the following categories:

1. Citizen Lobbyist Award rewarding the most impactful initiative – be it a campaign, project, action – in the European space;
2. Pro Bono Lawyer Award rewarding the most impactful pro bono project entailing the participation of law firms, in-house counsels and lawyers in the European space;
3. NGO Award rewarding the most impactful campaign / action in the European space;
4. Academic Award rewarding the civic commitment of one or more academics and researchers in the European space;
5. Pro Bono Professional Award rewarding the civic commitment of one or more professionals in the European space – be they lobbyists, advertisers or data analysts, who on pro bono basis actively support citizen-driven initiatives and other collaborations by offering their expertise;
6. Philanthropist Award rewarding the commitment of one or more foundations / charity to foster and support advocacy projects in the European space;
7. Political Representative Award rewarding the commitment of one or more political representative and/or movements to new forms of engagement, collaboration and co-creation with the electorate via citizen lobbying practices and beyond;
8. Collaboration of the Year Award rewarding joint public interest work carried out by several professionals, NGOs, grassroots movements, philanthropies, political representatives or citizens in the European space.

Local, national and international projects are eligible for the Awards.
Participants can submit more than one entry.

Deadline: 1st November July 2018.

All details are available here: