Paris Peace Forum Call for projects

The Paris Peace Forum is an international event on global governance issues and multilateralism, held annually on 11-13 November in Paris, France.
The Forum will gather heads of state, international organisations, and actors from civil society and private sector from around the world to advance concrete global governance solutions on 6 main themes:


  • Peace and security
  • Development
  • Environment
  • New technologies
  • Inclusive economy
  • Culture and education.


For its third edition, given the extraordinary context of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Forum will also emphasize worldwide projects and initiatives seeking to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, improve the collective resilience and build a more robust and sustainable world.

Particular attention will be given to projects improving:

  • the governance of health
  • the use and regulation of digital tools and platforms to respond to the crisis
  • the support of civil society and economic activity in times of pandemics

In addition, initiatives addressing other global governance issues will also be highlighted in the Forum, particularly those related to the following objectives:

  • Constructing more solid security architectures
  • Reconciling development finance with climate efforts
  • Crafting sustainable capitalism
  • Protecting the oceans
  • Improving access to clean water
  • Making outer space safe and sustainable
  • Securing cyberspace
  • Regulating the use of data and AI
  • Enhancing the governance of education
  • Ensuring gender equality.

Who can submit a project
All key actors of global governance: states, international organizations, NGOs, companies, foundations, philanthropic organizations, development agencies, religious groups, trade unions, think tanks, universities, and more.


Projects should

  • be managed by at least two persons, who can come to Paris to present the project;
  • propose a concrete solution to address a transnational challenge;
  • be related to one of the 6 themes;
  • involve various stakeholders;
  • be at an advanced conception stage or in a early implementation phase.
  • should be submitted in English or French.

The selected projects will be showcased during the Forum. In 2020, due to the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, only some projects designated by the Selection Committee will be able to travel to Paris.


Deadline to submit projects: 24 June 2020, 18:00 CEST.


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