Offre de l'Agence Nationale pour l'Information des Jeunes

    ESF Social Innovation+ ALMA

    This Call supports the preparation and implementation of the ALMA (Aim-Learn-Master-Achieve) initiative, to promote the social empowerment of disadvantaged young people (18-29). The aim is to help them integrate into society and, ultimately, find their way into the job market by combining support for education, vocational training, or employment in their home country with a work-related learning experience in another EU country. Individual coaching and counselling will be offered at all stages of this initiative. The objective of ALMA is not only to improve the skills, knowledge, and experience of these young people but also to boost their self-confidence.



    The objective of this call is to help Member States to integrate ALMA (Aim-Learn-Master-Achieve) in their ESF+ programmes, by piloting or scaling up ALMA type of operations.

    Projects submitted under this call should target NEETs who have difficulties accessing work or training for individual or structural reasons (e.g., disability, long-term unemployment, insufficient school performance or vocational skills, migration background, etc.). Beneficiaries are, however, free to include participants from the age of 15, in line with the youth employment thematic concentration (15-29 years) in the context of the ESF+. Organisations that actively address inclusion and diversity and involve participants with fewer opportunities are highly encouraged to apply.


    Who can apply  

    Organisations with a legal personality (public and private bodies) established in one of the EU Member States. 

    Only organisations that will act in the project as sending organisations may submit applications under this Call and all participant-related costs will be covered by the sending organisation. 

    Potential Beneficiaries and Partners include:

    • NGOs/third-sector/voluntary/youth non-profit organisations,
    • local authorities and municipalities,
    • job centres, public employment services (PES), employment agencies,
    • schools,
    • vocational education and training (VET) providers,
    •  companies, social Partners, representative bodies linked to the labour market, including chambers of commerce and other trade associations,
    • agencies responsible for skills validation,
    • lifelong-learning research centres and organisations,
    • associations and representatives of those involved in VET,
    • guidance, consultancy, and information services linked to lifelong learning.

    Transnational Partners

    All projects must establish operational partnerships with at least one Partner from another Member State.


    The Call is divided into two phases: 

    1. Start-up (maximum 4 months):  

    1. Building up partnerships and defining roles of actors within a Member State/region.
    2. Building transnational partnerships with relevant actors in at least one receiving Member State.  

    2.  Implementation (maximum 14 months): 

    1. Preparation: selection and preparation of the NEETs for the mobility.
    2. Mobility of the young people (2–6 months’ work placement, accommodation, social activities etc.). Minimum 2 groups of 8-12 young people should be sent to placements in another Member State.
    3. Follow-up with the young people after their stay abroad, including counselling and professional guidance, etc.
    4. Preparation of a final report “Lessons learned and future plans” (including analysis of the results and impact of the project, lessons learned, recommendations, and future plans).
    5. Dissemination of experience and the best practices at national level.  



    Between 300 000 EUR – 650 000 EUR per project, constituting not more than 80% of the project’s total budget. A co-financing of at least 20 % must thus come from the Beneficiary’s own resources.


    Duration of a project: maximum 18 months.


    Deadline: 15 March 2023, 17:00 CET.


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