Mobility First! - ASEF Cultural Mobility Initiative 2018

Mobility First! is an initiative by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) aimed at supporting the mobility of artists and cultural professionals for cross-border activities including participation in events, networking, research and collaborative meetings. Mobility support is provided to individuals to travel from Asia to Europe, Europe to Asia & within Asia.

Who can apply
- Individuals & organisations actively involved in the field of arts & culture with the following requirements:

- Artists & cultural professionals from any artistic genre (such as visual arts, performing arts, film, heritage etc.);
- Citizens of member countries of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and seeking support to travel within the ASEM region.
- Artists & cultural professionals from any artistic genre (such as visual arts, performing arts, film, heritage etc.). 

Applicants may seek travel support to participate in any of the 7 types of eligible activities:
1. Workshops or trainings;
2. Conferences or forums;
3. Festivals, biennials, or international exhibitions;
4. Artists’ or writers’ residencies;
5. Partner meeting/s to set up or maintain an existing partnership 6. Practice-led research;
7. “Go and see” / short-term exploration / networking.

- Cultural organisations that operate in any artistic or cultural genre may apply. Non-profit arts organisations will be prioritised;
- Cultural organisations should be based in any of the ASEM member countries and operating in the ASEM region;
- Organisations should be applying for travel support for individuals to participate in any of the 7 types of eligible activities listed above

Travel regions
The initiative promotes cultural mobility from Asia to Europe; from Europe to Asia; and, within Asia. All travel must be international.
The applicant’s destination country must be an Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) member country. Departure country need not be an ASEM country.
Mobility route: Asia-to-Europe, Europe-to-Asia, intra-Asia; Europe-to-Europe routes are ineligible.

- up to a maximum of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 2,000 for travel from Asia to Europe or Europe to Asia;
- up to a maximum of Singapore Dollars (SGD) 1,000 for travel within Asia.
Additional funding is available for people with disabilities and special needs.


How to apply:
- Individuals should apply here;
- Organisations should apply here .

- 25 April 2018 (travel period 1 June - 30 September 2018);
- 30 May 2018 (travel period 1 August - 30 November 2018);
- 30 June 2018 (travel period 1 September - 15 December 2018).

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