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European Researchers' Night (MSCA-NIGHT 2016)

The main objective of the Researchers' night consists of bringing the researchers closer to the  public at large, allowing for direct exchanges, meetings and interactive activities. It gives the public, and in particular young people, the opportunity to meet researchers within the context of festive and ‘fun’ activities and to highlight the appeal of pursuing a research career.

The Researchers' night is organised under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie  actions (MSCA) within the Horizon 2020 specific programme "Excellent science".

What kind of projects can be funded?
- Pan-European events taking place on the last Friday night of September.

The activities could for example consist of:
- Hands-on experiments conducted by researchers
- Scientific demonstrations realised by researchers with public participation
- Display of science films, comments and debates
- Simulations, presentation of prototypes
- Games, quizzes, competitions with researchers (whichever topic: scientific, sport, cooking, music, dance, painting…)
- Rallies based on enigmas, solved with assistance of specialised researchers
- Researchers' dating
- Live digging (archaeology)
- Crime investigation.

Being organised on a Friday night, as most people feel the need to relax and have fun, the activities should have a primary festive character likely to convince "ordinary people" to join in and enjoy and use the most relevant communication means therefore;

  • All activities should imply a direct public involvement, rather than academic lectures and debates and a "fun" aspect should always be present.
  • They should promote the European dimension and gender balance in research and innovation. Involvement of researchers funded by Horizon 2020, including Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, is encouraged.

    All proposals should also plan:
  • European Corner - Each proposal will plan the setting up of at least one "European corner" aimed at illustrating the European participation in the project and allowing the public at large to better understand the European support in favour of research and researchers.

    Who can participate?
    Participants can be any legal entity in the EU Member States and Associated Countries and/or, if relevant, constitute a partnership at regional, national or international level (universities, public or private research institutions, companies and specially SMEs, public authorities at whichever level, higher and secondary schools, museums, associations, foundations, charities, media, etc.)
    - There must be at least one European corner per project; should there be more than one location, a higher number of European corners could be considered an asset;
    - It may consist of a zone, a region, several regions, a whole country, or several countries.
    - Location and activities planned in the European corner(s) have to be described in the proposal itself.
    The EU-Corner should be a meeting point where people can at least get information on European programmes and support in favour of research and researchers, policies, achievements and

    Deadline: 13 January 2016,17:00:00 CET.

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