Mediterranean Journalist Award

The Mediterranean Journalist Award is an international competition organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation based on issues of cultural diversity. Journalists of written press, television, radio and new media, citizens of the 42 countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, in addition to Syrian and Lybia, are invited to submit their works tackling intercultural issues between and within Euro-Mediterranean societies ranging from diversity, tolerance, freedom of expression, fighting xenophobia, extremism and terrorism.

The competition is aimed to promote and encourage journalism that effectively contributes to the ongoing dialogue between cultures and to recognise the positive role played by journalists in reporting on issues of cultural diversity. It provides the participants the opportunity to have international recognition and to receive a cash prize for their journalistic works.

Special attention will be given to works focusing on the theme “Intercultural Cities and Migration”.
Priority will be given to young journalists at an early stage of the professional career development.

How to apply:
Participants must submit a journalistic item that appeared in the media between 1 January and  27 September 2017 and related to one of the four following categories:

1. Press:
All articles published in printed newspapers/magazines/periodicals. Articles must be written in a journalistic style. Academic papers will not be accepted.
The article must not exceed 20,000 characters

2. Online:
Written materials published via the Internet, particularly material created by journalists. Blogs, social media platforms and other emerging forms of online communication are acknowledged as part of the online media landscape and online journalism to the extent that the content is produced in a journalistic style.

3. Radion and Television:
TV Entries which can include interviews, reportage, documentaries, panel discussions, news stories or reports published on the radio and/or TV.
Entries duration must not exceed 1 hour.

4. Photography:
Photographs published online and/or printed media by for professional or non-professional photographers.

In addition, on the occasion of the landmark 10th edition, a Special Alumni Award will be bestowed by the Anna Lindh Foundation Secretariat for outstanding contribution by a Journalist Award alumni in the promotion of intercultural dialogue. 

The journalistic work should be translated work into English, French or Arabic if the original entry was produced in another language.

An international jury will select up to four winners to be awarded, including individual cash prizes of 2500 Euros, during a prestigious awarding ceremony set to take place in Brussels.

Deadline: 13 October 2017.

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