European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) Awards

First introduced in 2016, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships Awards (EAfA Awards) aim at recognising achievements of companies, committed under the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, as well as their apprentices, for outstanding achievements in promoting apprenticeships. Apprenticeships can provide excellent opportunities for young people to bridge the transition from school to work, while contributing to a better skills match for employers.

The aim of this call is to identify candidates and showcase outstanding achievements in three categories:

1. Companies: Big Enterprises, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises;
2. Apprentices;
3. Practitioners in apprenticeships: Teachers, Trainers.

Eligible recommended candidates
1. Companies (a. Big Enterprises and b. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (category 1) must:
– be members of the EAfA. In the case of SMEs, it is possible for SME umbrella organisations (e.g. chambers, professional bodies, social partner organisations) to propose their member SMEs, in view of them joining the EAfA;
– have an excellent quality of their apprenticeships which is supported by a systematic quality assurance system, resulting in well-trained and satisfied apprentices;
– have increased their numbers of apprentices significantly in recent years;
– have managed to improve the image of apprenticeships in the geographic area or sector they operate in;
– have managed to establish a close and well-functioning cooperation with the world of education and training;
– have successfully initiated or developed mobility schemes for apprentices;
– have made efforts to increase inclusiveness in apprenticeships, in particular through support for disabled learners.

2. Apprentices must:
– be current or recent apprentices of companies under the EAfA. An EAfA member company can propose its own apprentices;
– have contributed substantially in developing a product, service or process, etc;
– have taken up tasks that apprentices don’t normally have;
– have been able to improve the image of apprenticeships in an outstanding manner;
– have brought in useful and innovative experiences after a training period (mobility) in a company or a vocational school abroad.

3. Practitioners (a. Teachers and b. Trainers) in apprenticeships must:
​- work within the apprenticeship scheme of an EAfA member organisation;
– have striven for excellence in their work, e.g. created effective ways of motivating learners, made outstanding learner achievements, provided strong support for learners’ creativity and expression, created products or solutions for effective cooperation between apprenticeship teachers and trainers to the benefit of learners;
Proposals for teachers are expected in particular from vocational training providers and proposals for trainers are expected in particular from companies.

Anyone with an interest in apprenticeships can recommend candidates in any of these three categories here  by 22 September 2017.

The Awards will be given to one big company, one SME, two apprentices, one teacher and one trainer during the Closing Event of the second European Vocational Skills Week on 24 November 2017.
The winners will be invited to participate in this event.


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