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Young Leaders Programme EDD 2018,Brussels, from 5th to 6th June

Young adults from all around the world, without restriction of nationality, between 21 and 26 years old, proactive about finding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems are invited to join the Young Leaders Programme!

Under the main thread of ‘Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: protect, empower, invest’, the EDD 2018 will be framed by three major themes emerging as key priorities in today’s current context: “Ensuring the physical and psychological integrity of Girls and Women’, ‘Promoting economic and social rights and empowerment of Girls and Women’, ‘Strengthening Girls’ and Women’s voice and participation”.

The 15 Young Leaders at EDD 2018, will be able to speak on a high-level panel, and share their projects and experiences, as well as to engage with delegations from governments and international organisations. Young Leaders will be also invited to participate in other sessions, including debate sessions or brainstormings, where they will be given more space to express their opinions and share their experiences.

Interested participants should upload a link to a 2-min English video on Youtube, presenting themselves, the vision of their chosen topic and why they would be good youth representatives at EDD 2018.

Travel and accommodation will be covered by the European Commission.

Deadline to apply: 2nd March 2018, 13:00 (Central European Time).

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